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Any 1 Google Partners Exam


All 7 Google Partners Exams(6 Google Adwords + 1 Google Analytics)


Any 2 Google Partners Exams



Any 6 Google Partners Exams

Adwords Fundamental Exam
Display Advertising Exam



Any 5 Google Partners Exams

Adwords Fundamental Exam
Adwords Search Advertising Exam


Any 4 Google Partners Exams



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I have written 693 exams till date.


You need to pass Google AdWords Fundamental Exam and anyone of the remaining 5 Adwords Exams for you to be Google Adwords Certified.

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Due to large volume of orders coming in, it's quite difficult for me to deliver within 24 hours. However if it's very urgent, please let me know. I'll Definitely try to accommodate.

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